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Cripes, I can’t even manage to bang out one lousy post a month? If this blog had been born a cactus, it would be compost by now. So, the first surprise is that Kirk got around to writing a blog … Continue reading

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Turns Out He Got Sidetracked In Colorado

If you’d have told me, say, a month or so ago that Cthulhu’s impending return would see him sprawling on his back and accepting a tummy rub from the likes of an annoying ass-boil like South Park’s own Eric Cartman, … Continue reading

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glowee green glare is glowee

I let DG title this post. As if you couldn’t tell. This is a follow-up to last Wednesday’s pic of the Deej with his favorite kitteh treat. Remarkably — probably because he knows I’m like putty in his paws and … Continue reading

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I Think Maybe Cthulhu Hit the Snooze Button

OK, so, you know how after you’ve let a friend down in some way, you’ll put off calling them because you feel so ashamed and/or embarrassed about failing them the way you did and how the days slip past until … Continue reading

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You’re Twisting My Words! I Never Said I Beat My Wife!

Being middle-aged and mortal, Karin and I are accordingly experiencing the invisible thumb of entropy upon our various body parts. Joints are popping. Muscles are tearing. Ligaments ache and bones break. And, of course, there are those bizarre, paralyzing pains … Continue reading

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By Way of Contrast

Item #1: 8-Inch Planter Drip Tray Material: Plastic Purpose: Catches run-off from over-watered houseplants Price: $2:39, plus tax Item #2: 1.5ml Curved-Tip Eyedropper Materials: Glass and Rubber Purpose: Accurately measures and safely dispenses eye medicine Price: $1.00, plus tax If … Continue reading

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Cute Cthulhu Crash Course

Long ago, when Cthulhu is my Copilot made the move to the upscale but welcoming VOX community, there was this sudden urge consuming need to explain — or at least give a half-assed overview of — what a “cthulhu” was. … Continue reading

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