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My world-famous cat, DG!


Cripes, I can’t even manage to bang out one lousy post a month? If this blog had been born a cactus, it would be compost by now. So, the first surprise is that Kirk got around to writing a blog … Continue reading

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Turns Out He Got Sidetracked In Colorado

If you’d have told me, say, a month or so ago that Cthulhu’s impending return would see him sprawling on his back and accepting a tummy rub from the likes of an annoying ass-boil like South Park’s own Eric Cartman, … Continue reading

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glowee green glare is glowee

I let DG title this post. As if you couldn’t tell. This is a follow-up to last Wednesday’s pic of the Deej with his favorite kitteh treat. Remarkably — probably because he knows I’m like putty in his paws and … Continue reading

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I Think Maybe Cthulhu Hit the Snooze Button

OK, so, you know how after you’ve let a friend down in some way, you’ll put off calling them because you feel so ashamed and/or embarrassed about failing them the way you did and how the days slip past until … Continue reading

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It means “Thank God It’s DG” – you know, because today is Friday – but now that I look at it again, it kinda reminds me of the comments being left by the spammers currently spreading through VOX like a … Continue reading

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The Book of Deej, Ch. 1: No Name for a Cat

I’d like you to meet our oldest cat, Lucky. Careful, she’s pretty crotchety at eleven years old and can have four teeth and a dozen claws into you faster than you can scream “antiseptic!” Lucky She’s had several litters of … Continue reading

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